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SEO marketing for business plays a very important role in getting new clients. Local SEO’s are currently in the trend since they would know how successful and relevant the website is. Google ranks websites according to a few factors that also eliminate irrelevant competitors.

Undoubtedly local SEO’s became the cornerstone of marketing when there was a pandemic and the trend changed completely. The local searchers are targeted and the local information is put up on the website for increasing the ranks on Google.

SEO marketing helps in presenting relevant content that also is of high quality and focuses on addressing the concerns of new clients by making easy browsing access to information.

Meta Tags and stuffing keywords become old-school techniques to drive people to the website. Now the marketing strategies of the search engines check for the following reliable metrics that provide authentic answers on increasing the traffic to the site:

  • Time duration spent on entering and exiting the website
  • Number of pages explored on the site
  • Time spent for browsing the website
  • Are the browsers more into reading the content or watching the videos?
  • The number of repeated visitors

What Is SEO?

The process of ranking your website on the top spot in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) without needing to pay for advertisements to enhance your business is known as SEO.

Benefits of SEO

The SEO is highly beneficial and is considered to be a critical investment for practitioners since the SEO is capable enough to provide overall measurable results for increasing revenue, capitalizing the opportunities and also helps in protecting the business from competitors.  

The content and the links created by the SEO are permanent and over time it is updated with new content based on the updates in the world of digital marketing that helps in increasing the site traffic since the customers are now looking for the information or products or services mostly through search engines than ever before.  

SEO also focuses on increasing the brand visibility, driving conversions and also building a good reputation that is consistent.  

Recent statistics have shown the benefits of a stabilized SEO and how well the audiences play their role in increasing brand the value. Here are the relevant statistics (subject to variations according to the site traffic)

  1. 80-90% of the audiences use search engines such as Google to look for a new businesses and also for switching businesses.
  2. 90-95% of PC owners look for the local searches 
  3. 80-90% of the customers find online reviews as trustworthy as personal reviews from referrals. 
  4. More than 50% of the local searches are done over the mobile
  5. 60-70% of the customers explore local businesses through directories and search engines
  6. 40-50% of online customers are the ones who look for the addresses and contact details of the companies. 
  7. Almost 70-80% of the mobile searches in local areas get converted into interactions. 
Analyzing Business

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Increases Organic & High-Quality Website Traffic

Increases Visibility Online and Brand Loyalty

Helps You Rank Better In Google and Improve Conversion

Improves User Engagement Rates and Get Quantifiable Results

Reaches Your Entire Target Audience and Generate Leads

Long-Term Marketing Strategy and Improves Trust

Why Choose Us for Website SEO ?

As a business owner, you may think why is SEO needed? When the website is anyway ranking good and the clients are looking for local area businesses then why opt for SEO?   

The simple answer to it is, SEO in business is very beneficial since it brings more clients and that in turn increases the revenue too. A good marketing service provider is well educated about the usage of good coding and keywords enhancing searches. Some of the benefits of having SEO for websites are:

Online Visibility Is Enhanced – High rankings of the website on the SERP lead to more visibility of the website on search engines and also brings more business with the increased number of clients visiting your office.

Upgraded Website Traffic – The number of clicks on the website decides the potential clients that it can carry to the business. So having good website traffic is very important that can generate good rankings on SERPs.

Generating More Leads – Usage of interactive content that is supported with dynamic audio and video content showcasing your experience and updated knowledge will attract more clients’ attention which is important for generating more leads. The SEO techniques help in capturing the details of the client when they visit the website. It helps to follow up on those details and create a good impression.

Helps in Increasing Brand Loyalty – The established websites are good in their SEO skills and when they are under the backlinks of the websites then automatically they get ranked at a higher rate. This helps in building the trust factor and gets more loyal clients with the increased awareness of the brand.

Increase the Reach in Local Area – The location-based services by the local SEO increases the visibility of the website for potential clients that are looking for “business services nearby”.

Increase the Conversions – SEO professionals are well aware of the strategies such as Social Media Links, Good online reviews, Yelp, Chat, Popup and Feed Setup and how to effectively use these in the industry to increase conversions.

Bridging the Clients for Longer Term – Updating clients with the latest developments, and offers available, building loyal customers for the longer term and also to get back the old clients too are also the prime factors of SEO services.

Along with the above advantages, our digital marketing services also provide valuable services such as:

  1. Checking the current rankings
  2. Detailed research on the competitors
  3. Evaluating the current on-page search engine optimization
  4. Looking out into all opportunities that lead to more improvement

Revolutionary Voice Search

The revolutionary approach to search engine techniques has come up with “Voice Search” that helps in conducting local searches through voice-over on the tools such as Google Home, Google Voice, Siri, Alexa and Cortana. 

The voice search tools made by Google use the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithm known as RankBrain. 

We, at Helenzys, focus on enhancing the business SEO by using various statistics that result in increased traffic for your business that are also consistently managed and upgraded according to the latest SEO techniques.

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