Chat Bot

Software Application

Do you own a Business? Are you tired of answering repeated enquiry calls from clients? Do you want someone who can answer their common queries  related to your business  24/7 ?

Introducing Chatbot from Helenzys. Chatbot is a specialized tool that will answer commonly asked queries of your website visitors related to service,product and relevant information making a significant impact on the experience of your potential customers!

It is a whole new approach to automate routine processes for your business-

A chatbot can:

  •       Collect Contact Information
  •       Inform your website visitors about the various services you offer
  •       Provide details on step of services or costs

Entry of Chatbot enables you to free up your staff to concentrate on more crucial duties, enhancing both employee satisfaction and productivity. You can also employ Chatbot to ask for feedback on your services, enabling you to gather frank and anonymous feedback to enhance specific elements of your business. Chatbots are economical and can work 24×7!