UX Services

“Enhancing your customer experience from the core.”

Market Research &
Competitor Benchmarking

Our Market Research & Benchmarking Services include identifying competitors and evaluating their strategies as per product and market needs. We do intense market research to identify growth patterns, redefine your marketing objectives, and strengthen your marketing efforts with our online campaigns.

User Interviews & Surveys

We conduct user interviews and surveys to give you an optimized report on what your user is looking for in the longer term. From finding appropriate users and stakeholders to creating the right questionnaire, we extract insights that help you make better decisions while developing a product or launching an update.

Navigation & User Interface

Users’ first interaction with an application, is via the user interface, we ensure all input controls and navigation components are placed appropriately as per user standards. We help you create a structured layout of your information architecture along with the navigation structure of how users will navigate through information.

Information Architecture

Our IA experts use the principle of design and architecture to ease the efforts of the users while navigating through functionalities. We help you organize and structure the content on your website or application as per user requirements.

UX Roadmap & Customer
Journey Mapping

We help you successfully market your product by creating UX Roadmap and Customer Journey Mapping. Our expert designers create customer journey maps that graphically depict users interact with your product, service, brand, or company.

User Roles & Personas

We help you create user personas with demographic details like motivation, behavior, and background. We help you understand patterns in user’s research via model or composite characters, to synthesize their vision into product development.

Usability Evaluation & Heuristics Analysis

We help you in the early identification of usability issues in the design of the user interface. We thoroughly examine your user interface and evaluate its compliance concerning the user’s usability principle.

Feature Matrix

We help you prioritize a set of functionalities in your software or product by identifying its value to the user. We create UXI or Feature Matrix listing user needs, business needs, and technology requirements.

Creation of Clickable Prototypes

The effectiveness of your blueprint decides the success of the product at the development stage. We bring your ideas to life with animated prototypes that are real-like, so that you can test them way before actual development.

User and A/B Testing

Using User and A/B Testing, we help you evaluate two variants of a web page or application to identify which part attracts the most users. The whole idea behind User and A/B Testing is to help increase website conversions.

Support and Consulting

With years of expertise, our street-smart UX consultants audit websites and products to address areas that need fixing. Our consultants help you outline a long-term vision drawing all aspects of user experience through a user journey roadmap.

UX Workshop

Designing an application or developing a product without analyzing the customer base and testing prototypes is a mere waste of resources and money. We help you with user research, task analysis, user journey map, wireframes, UI design, and create usability prototypes.