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In the Telecommunication industry, Helenzys is famous for serving clients with high-end consulting services. Our highly competent team helps their clients in restructuring their offering to the customers. Moreover, we support you in serving your consumers with a seamless experience. As a leading provider of IT services for Telecommunication Companies, we help in navigating challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities.

Well, our technical team will provide you with a robust data to improve your profitability, experience, and efficiency. With the help of digital analytics, we aid our clients in boosting revenues and optimizing costs. Further, our expertise makes use of their knowledge and experience for handling faults, notifications, and requirements.

How can we help

Data Science for Smart Insights

Here, we have the technical expertise to provide you with the data analysis for creating the right strategy. Thus, with our service, you will be able to improve your business performance, resilience, and competitive advantages. Through predictive analysis, we assist you in predicting the traffic pattern and peak period routing. Also, it will help you in enhancing business growth by tracking the problems, fraudulent customers, and suspicious behavior. Significantly, our data technology expert will incorporate machine learning and will design thinking to help your telecom business. It will not only help in launching products but also reduce data packet loss, plan capacity expansion, and rationalize maintenance.

Customer Experience Optimization

Here, we have an efficient team to help the clients in balancing the requirements for digital transformation and continuity. Moreover, with our latest technology, we will help you to shrink time-to-market. By providing complete data about customer needs, we assist in improving their experience before they articulate them. With our service, we will resolve customer issues faster and accurately as well as manage and facilitate cross-selling opportunities.

Comprehensive Management Software

In Helenzys, our IT services for Telecommunication Companies are genuine and cost-effective. We help our clients by designing and developing software. Well, we assist them in enhancing their customer base, cutting down costs, improving business efficiency, and reducing time to market. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and technical competency to provide IT supports by developing business applications and maintenance support.

Our Case Studies

Application Support for IP Telephony Service Provider

Client: Spain Based IP Telephony service                     Provider
Domain: IP Telephony
Technologies: Java

Business Challenges

  • Addressing their IT needs
  • Managing their software applications
  • Enhancing their customer service
  • Minimizing the cost of application maintenance

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys gained in-depth knowledge of the client’s applications and provided resources with a good technical competency that has been involved in providing timely deliveries of high-quality.

The client uses Redmine tool for management and assigns tasks to Helenzys resources through this tools. When the client assigned a task, we analyze the issue, fix it and deploy it to the test server. The client will perform testing and informs developer to check-in changes to SVN. The client will then move the issue to pre-production server and test it once again. When the petitioner, who requested for the feature, tested and certified the issue, it will be released to the production.


  • Production support for applications
  • Bug analysis, fixes and deployment support
  • Rapid Application enhancements
  • On-Demand team augmentation
  • Competitive billing rates to optimize maintenance cost
  • Comprehensive customer support


Lync Prerequisite Checker Tool Webpage

Client: A global pharmaceutical company
Domain: IT
Technologies: JQuery
                           Flash Player API

Business Challenges

The collaboration and communication within the organization was a challenge and found a solution in Lync platform. The device(s) used for a Lync meeting should be capable enough to conduct various types of meeting. However, the primary challenge was to hunt for a reliable online portal to verify whether the device passes the prerequisite tests such as audio, video, network speed and Lync plug-in for joining a Lync meeting.

Helenzys  Solution
We have developed a web application and implemented features to conduct the Lync prerequisites tests.

Helenzys developed a user-friendly web application, which is compatible with all browsers with rich UI and visually represents the output of each prerequisite check done on the target device. The prerequisite check involves testing to verify whether the following are available on the target device:

  • Audio check – Test the device sound card
  • Video check – Test the device web camera
  • Bandwidth check – Check bandwidth of the internet connection
  • Lync plug-in – Check Lync plug-in in the device registry

As the tests are conducted before joining a Lync meeting, there won’t be any delay in joining the meeting.


  • User-friendly and rich user interface
  • Provides the test summary and FAQs for user assistance
  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Hosted on a secure gateway

Overcomes the technical issues during a Lync meeting to a great extent