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Start Up Bundle.

Planning to launch your startup? Not sure how and where to start? We are your partners from ideation to delivery!

We offer end-to-end start-up services for all venture-some start-ups that wish to empower the world with their best-in-class services. We offer tailor-made professional solutions to give start-ups a head start at the beginning of their corporate journey.

If you have an idea, we have the tools! Let’s make it all about your brand!

How do we help startups?

Let’s begin by addressing the startup-business challenges in the initial stages of their establishment.


To initially set up your foot in the corporate sector, you need money. And, it would be too unfair to you if investment issues sabotaged the potential of your idea, even before you metamorphosed it into a successful business.


Our contribution: We help you bridge the gap by connecting you to investors, thereby helping you raise funds for your business. With our additional services like adding a pitch, we help you present your idea in the most appropriate format that is sure to impress the investors.


If you are lucky enough to have a straight cash flow into your pockets, that’s not enough to survive in the corporate sector for long. You may have a brilliant idea that could probably change the way things function, but it’s necessarily not true that you know how to conceptualize it. Presenting and executing is what takes to makes a business idea a success.


Our contribution: We help conceptualize your idea by creating prototypes for your products, detailing the way it would work. Hence, reducing your product’s time to market.

Competitor Analysis

You may have the required funds and even a team to conceptualize your idea, but if you don’t know who your competitors are and how they have survived in the market for so long, you are probably not ready to market your product.


Our contribution: With our expert team of digital marketers, we help you conduct a thorough analysis of competitors, encompassing all their contributions and strategies.

Marketing Strategy

There is one major cause of why startups fail sometimes is that they often fail to address and identify the right marketing strategy for their business. Without using the right way to market your product, all you’re funds, prototypes, and competitor analysis efforts are in vain.

Our contribution: With the help of our market experts, we not only help you identify market trends and strategies in your niche but also help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Our comprehensive suite of start-up services include:

Our Bundle

Logo Design

Website Design

Website Prototype on IDEA

UI/UX Design Android on IDEA

Mobile App Android Prototype on IDEA

UI/UX Design IOS on IDEA

Mobile App IOS Prototype on IDEA

Cloud Hosting

Digital Marketing

Investor Connects

MVC Guidance

Monotinization Model

Investore Pitch Deck

Market Research Assistance 

Content RemoDelling

Connect to mentor

Go To Market Stratagy 








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