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The sports and entertainment leaders had to rework on their technology strategies, due to change in customer’s behavior patterns, arrival of the latest digital marketing technologies, and growing competition. Innovation and sustainable strategies is the key for any business’ survival.

Helenyzs improves your business delivery standard and productivity by integrating technology solutions with your organization’s existing model seamlessly. Our experienced IT professionals will help you in your operational activities to make right decisions and experience a hassle-free development.

How can we help?

Business Requirement Analysis

Helenyzs evaluates your present business performance and the technology you are using. We develop exclusive support and services that will blend with your business needs and objectives.

Ensuring Right Decisions

Our expert team will suggest and guide you with the right technology that will blend with your existing systems irrespective of time. This will help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Data protection

All your business data and durability information are safe and secure with the Helenzys team. We ensure that all data compliance and security are up to global standards, and is not susceptible to foreign threats and attacks.

24*7 Service

We ensure that your business is not hampered in productivity or by any other disturbance. Our team provides 24*7 monitoring and surveillance to help you keep your business running round the clock.

Our Case Studies

Sports Programming Network

Client: US Based Sports channel
Domain: Sports Network
Technologies: Android Sdk,  Bootstrap 

About the Client
US based sports channel

Business Challenges
The client had built a web application to reach most of the users, but they were unable to reach that level. Therefore, the client wants to build an app to reach maximum customers in a convenient way.

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys proposed a porting web app to mobile that includes the features that are most useful for the mobile users. .

Our proposed solution helps the client in managing web data and porting this data to the mobile app will help to reach more number of customers. We have also integrated social media links in the app where users can share the news with friends or family members.


  • Real-time sports news for users
  • Users can follow their favorite teams, sports or feeds
  • Fans can get the articles, videos, audio clips, podcasts and more in a single My Teams feed
  • User can follow stories, game previews, and recaps of their favorite teams
  • Users can sign up for breaking news alerts
  • Sharing information through Facebook and Twitter
  • Sharing articles via emails or messages
  • Save favorite stories for quick access and offline reading

Promotes branding by reaching large number of customers


Lync Champion

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company
Domain: Games 
Technologies: iOS SDK, DOTNET 

Global Pharmaceutical company

Business Challenges
The collaboration and communication within the organization was a challenge and found a solution in Lync platform. However, the major challenge is how effectively and efficiently they could train their employees to utilize this platform.

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys developed an edutainment iOS gaming application, similarly like a slot machine and successfully implemented the Lync scenarios that rewards the employee with points for their achievements.

If a given combination in the slot machine is appropriate while making certain activities using Lync (Video/Voice/Screen sharing), the user will be rewarded with points for all the correct choices.
User-friendly Notifications – For each combination shown in the slot machine, there is an explanation for every appropriate combination as well as the inappropriate one.
10 Chances & Combinations – To become a winner in the game, every user has 10 chances and he/she has to choose 10 correct combinations.
Auto mailer – A feature that share the current game results to a pre-defined email address

The Game – The 3 slots in a slot machine represents

  • First slot – “From where I am doing the call“
  • Second slot – “What do I do“
  • Third slot – “How do I connect”

The users have three options to respond to a given combination in the slot machine:

  • Excellent
  • Risky
  • Just Don’t

Enhanced collaboration and communication within the organization



Client: Software Solutions Provider
Domain: IT
Technologies: Phonegap
                           Ruby on Rails

About the Client
Software solutions provider

Business Challenges
The client developed a betting app, which causes few challenges to the client. They were:

  • Avoiding participants from cheating
  • Secured money transactions
  • Google Play is not supporting gambling apps
  • Knowing the situations where the contests actually get cancelled out

Helenzys  Solution
We have done extensive research on the needs and requirements of the client and created the product with additional features to cater their needs.


  • Provided the list of App Stores (excluding Google) that can host this app
  • Guided users towards the Concept of Wallet, where users can hold cash in this wallet and reduce per Contest Transaction charges
  • Assigned the Disqualified status to avoid the participants those who tried cheating


  • Cash transactions via PayPal or Credit/Debit card
  • Secured gateway
  • Invite friends to the app
  • Disqualifying participants if statistics not posted
  • List of app stores that accept gambling apps

Additional features are useful for both the client and users