Smartbar Mobile

Case Study

BeerBoard – Smartbar Mobile


US-based Beverage Enterprise


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Business Challenges

The client wants to completely redesign their mobile application with certain feature enhancements for iOS and Android platforms.

Our Solution

We have developed 2 different themes to help customers search for available local bars and
restaurants and option to redeem the BeerChips from the app.


Salient Features

  • Search for available BeerChips at local bars and restaurants
  • Advanced search filters
  • Gain/redeem BeerChips from the app
  • Contact information of the bars
  • Bar opening timings and distance info
  • Redeem Beerchips for PayPal payments, gift cards, etc
  • Menu of all the bars
  • View the Style, Origin, ABV, IBU, Calories count,
  • Beer Description
  • Set favorite location or beer for easy reference in future

Product / Service Description

The app allows users to search bars and beers based on availability, locations of bars, types of
beers, etc. Users can find contact information of the respective bars, gain/redeem Beerchips, and
find the menu of all the bars. They can find the nearest location available and can redeem the BeerChips for PayPal payments, gift cards, etc. Users have option to set their favorite location and
beer to easy reference in future.


Redesigned the app’s look and feel to make it simpler and more sleek.

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