Remote Infra Support

Case Study

BeerBoard – Remote Infra Support


US-based Beer Management System


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Business Challenges

BeerBoard requires their infrastructure and applications to be efficient and available 24×7 to improve their service availability.


Our Solution

We focused on improving the existing service levels via remote support by monitoring and managing the infrastructure, ensuring high uptime and high availability through proactive and reactive measures.


Salient Features

  • Document the findings as Network and Schematic diagrams
  • Automated the daily health checks
  • Proposed a simple, workable and cost-effective support model
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance plan
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  • Document DR activities and test cases and publish the DR plan
  • Execute the DR activities
  • Proposed a support workflow from ticket receive to closure
  • Reporting raised tickets to the respective customers

Product / Service Description

Supporting in managing the Infrastructure at BeerBoard including regular monitoring of various services and documenting it. We manuscript Network, daily health checks, reporting raised tickets, proposed solutions to infra issues and maintenance plans as Network and Schematic diagrams. Also, proposing a simple, workable and cost-effective support model using smart tools and technical personnel. Based on the study, we propose a support workflow from ticket receive to closure.



Providing continuous support with regular coordination with BeerBoard Infra team.
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