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US-based Radiology Center


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Business Challenges

The client is a reputed radiology center who manually handles record keeping and spreadsheets to manage patients images, reports and other study results which is time consuming and hectic.

Our Solution

We have developed a web portal that enables intelligent information interchange between patients, physicians and health clinics.

Salient Features

  • Allows users to download reports in both PDF and HL7 formats
  • In compliance with HL7 standards
  • Advanced search filters to search for a patient records based on their name, location, report
    status, etc
  • Option to change report status once reviewed
  • SMS/Email notifications to physicians when a new report is received
  • Activity time out after 20 min of in-activity to comply with information security standards.

Product / Service Description

The web portal enables practicing doctors and health clinics access this software platform for the
information exchange of health records and test reports of patients in the most secure and convenient way, in compliance with HL7 standards. The physicians can have an online access of their patient’s clinical reports and/or other study results made in any of their related diagnostic centres spread across different regions.


Secured information exchange while complying with HL7 standards.

Case Studies
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