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Do you own a daycare services center and looking for a mobile app that can help you streamline your administrative services and also help make the information accessible for teachers and parents too and will let you focus on the quality outcomes for the children in daycare? 

In today’s world, people are dependable on apps to keep them updated about the happenings around them, and parents would also like to know what is happening in their children’s daycare center.

HelenzysDaycare presents a fully integrated mobile app that streamlines communication lines for admin, teachers, and parents.

For Admin

  • Complete access to the mobile app to check and update all the activity photos in the daycare center.
  • Access the details of the total number of children enrolled in the daycare center.
  • Add and edit new batches of students and assign the staff required to handle the batches.
  • Update the attendance records of all children and upload images in the classroom category.
  • Update the holiday list on the Calendar.
  • View the parents’ words column, where the parents update the details of their kids.
  • Add any event details in the Calendar to keep parents and teachers posted about any planned events in the daycare center.

For Teachers

Teachers have access to the mobile app to: 

  • Create a new account for every teacher and access to login and edit the passwords when required.
  • Add teachers’ profile details to know all the required information on the staff.
  • Add activity photos and also add pictures and information in the classroom app.
  • To view the total number of students in each classroom batch and update the attendance of all kids in the classroom.
  • Access children profile details about name, age, contact details, and medical details.
  • View the planned events in the Calendar.

For Parents

Parents will have access to Helenzys Daycare app to:
  • Check the activity photos of their kids uploaded by the daycare center.
  • Access the attendance details of their children.
  • View their children’s profiles.
  • Access to the “Parents words” category for parents to update the daycare center about any specific information.
  • Access to view the Calendar about the updated events by the daycare center.
Choose the HelenzysDaycare mobile app that acts as a branding strategy for your daycare center and bridges the communication gap between parents and the daycare center.

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