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BeerBoard – L1/L2 Support


US-based Beer Management System


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Business Challenges

BeerBoard wants to analyze the variance of the beer poured & sold and report to bar owners with respect to their loss/profit variance.


Our Solution

Built Control Panel tool to raise tickets pertaining to the identified poured v/s sold variances in bars and providing continuous L1 and L2 support.


Salient Features

  • Developed customized control panel
  • Identify and classify the issues to raise tickets
  • Raise tickets and report issues to respective bar owners
  • Advanced search filters
  • Search for a request based on status, data, location and type (L1 or L2)

Product / Service Description

Identify and report the cause of loss or high variance between beer poured and sold in the bars. We will analyze the poured v/s sold data from the daily tier reports generated by and classify them according to the loss/profit variance and raise tickets using the control panel. If the trend of variance in the previous 3 days is lesser than -5% or greater than +10%, then we raise the tickets to the Beerboard team who will attend to the customer (Bars) facing this issue. With the help of Control Panel tool, we identify and classify the issue and directly raise tickets to the respective customers (Bars).


Enabling BeerBoard to deliver valuable insights to the customers.
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