Information Security Services

“Making technology accessible to all.”

Standards Compliance Manager

We fully understand that every organization needs a tool to assess security and compliance-related issues. We help you develop a Standards Compliance Manager for all your IT and security needs, encompassing everything from establishing to implementing a security plan.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

We perform a detailed security risk assessment, security gap assessment, and policy and procedure review to ensure the effectiveness of security controls protecting the application.

Penetration Testing

We perform penetration testing (a simulated cyber attack) to evaluate the security of your system so that nothing can penetrate your system or network.

Cloud Security

You can move your infrastructure, data, and workload to the cloud without caring about cloud security as we offer prevention, detection, and remediation of threats to your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Using Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), we protect vital essential critical infrastructure against cyber threats. Our CIP services also include identifying the risks that could threaten the integrity of critical infrastructure systems.

Secure SDLC

We help you secure your application by addressing all the security issues falling under the SDLC cycle. As an extension of this service, we perform penetration testing, code review, as well as architecture analysis.