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Technology in the Food & Beverages sector is fast-paced. Helenyzs relies on adjustable and tailored solutions to help organizations to survive and compete in the ever-growing market.

The food and beverage industry revolves around factors like quality, the latest products in the market, customer expectation, efficiency, etc. Helenyzs leverages the in-house expertise of its experienced professionals to ease the burden on you. Our team will deliver tailor-made custom solutions as per the needs and industry standards.

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The Relaxation Quotient

Helenzys’ strategic planning and development team ensure that customers reap realistic and practical benefits when they rely on us for their technological requirements.

Accurate Solutions

Helenyz relies on its years of experience and expertise in multiple domains to render and strategize practical solutions tailored to satisfy the present and future needs of any organization.

Improvisation In Delivery Standard

Relying on technologies like website and app development without proper tech implementation has placed many companies in jeopardy. Helenzys and its experienced tech team ensure that the clients are always aware of the tech implementation and integration with their existing models. 

Helenzys provides an efficient and secure platform for the clients to take their businesses forward at testing times.

Improvised Customer Experience

Helenzys ensures that efficient technology is employed to improve customer experience by collecting and analyzing data from every aspect of the domain. At Helenzys, we implement efficient customer feedback systems to design client-centric solutions.

Our Case Studies

Beer Board

Client: US Based Beverage Enterprise
Domain: Beverage Industry
Technologies: Gulp
                         AWS Microservices

About the Client
US-based Beverage Enterprise

Business Challenges
The client requires various dynamic content templates to display beer menu, advertisements, etc. at bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Helenzys  Solution
We provided the client with ten different dynamic content templates that can be deployed in digital TVs and iPads.

Our solution helps the client in displaying beer menu details along with advertisements in the form of images or videos. We deploy templates to bar or restaurants at different locations using AWS microservices and node.js technology. When an end user calls an API with the template id and location id, the AWS services will do the necessary functionalities and gives the final website URL to access the website.


  • Customized templates for beer ads
  • Can be deployed in digital TVs and iPads
  • Can be deployed at different locations
  • Advertisements with images and videos

Dynamic content templates customized for beer advertisements


BK Subs

Client: US Based Fast Food Enterprise
Domain: Food and Drink
Technologies: PHP

US-based fast food enterprise

Business Challenges
The client is one of the largest fast-food chains that has operations in various locations throughout the USA. To spread their brand awareness and promotions, which ultimately leads to more store walk-ins, the client wants an online presence with an attractive, informative and responsive website.

Helenzys  Solution
We developed a dynamic web platform showcasing the client’s product line, prices and store details that help educate visitors about the brand. We have also accommodated the client with web console to manage and update the master data efficiently.

We designed a user-friendly and responsive website that can be operated from various devices. From the website, a customer can understand about the brand, view the available products and their prices, view the gallery, and can find their nearby store location. We have also integrated social media into the website, which help drive added value to attract more customers.


  • User-friendly and responsive website
  • Social media integration
  • Navigation map to find the nearest store
  • Customer testimonials can be uploaded
  • Easily accessible custom menu
  • Web console for easy master data management

A fully functioning website, creating brand awareness and ultimately driving revenue


Bearboard BevManager

Client: US Based Beverage Enterprise
Domain: Beverage Indsutry
Technologies: AWS Elastic Search Service
                           AWS Lambda Function
                           AWS API Gateway
                           AWS Event Scheduler

About Client
US-based Beverage Enterprise

Business Challenges
The client was monitoring real-time consumption of beer in a bar using IoT-enabled beer handle to help bar owners and beer manufacturers understand the consumption across regions, brands, hours, and days in a month. As the client has over 4500 customers, the data generated per day ran into thousands of records, which gave substantial latency during processing of data for analysis and visualization. The client wants the response time to be less than 5 seconds.

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys proposed a solution using AWS Elastic Search service to marginalize the latency during processing of data for analysis and visualization.

When we tried analyzing the issue with SQL queries the time to execute is not coming down to below 20 seconds. Then we used Elastic search service from AWS to store the results in a separate database. The AWS lambda function and AWS API Gateway assists in smooth execution of this project.


  • Minimised the time consumed for fetching results
  • Improved the overall performance of the site
  • Now decision making from the management levels are much faster

Faster statistical results ultimately leading to faster decision making


Food Survey App

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company
Domain: IT
Technologies: iOS SDK

Business Challenges
Client has initiated to have a customized application that can help to digitize the process of gathering and storing the food survey records from its employees. The objective of the initiative was to

  • Maintain a daily food attendee’s record
  • Help the users in providing their valuable feedback and rating to the admin
    The business challenge was to develop an application that provides food survey records from end-users.

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys built an iOS application that helps in digitizing the handling and maintenance of the food survey records. The application development process is integrated with external hardware scanners to capture the employee details.

The application is compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and is designed in such a way that it captures the data on real time basis and helps different caterers with relevant attendee’s records and feedbacks. The application requires an internet connection only when synchronizing Master Data and Survey records whereas the rest of the functions can be done offline.


  • Application is integrated with external Scanner
  • Offline/Online working mode
  • Offline data storage
  • Web-console to sync and store the master data
  • Survey records maintenance
  • Multiple caterers can access the app
  • Generates caterer analytics report
  • User-friendly application

Streamlined the process of collecting food attendee’s data and their valuable feedback