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Overview of Education IT Solutions and Services

Helenzys has come up with consolidated Technology for managing the student lifecycle. Well, with our service, we promise better student experience and higher quality education consulting at a reasonable cost. Our solution connects students, faculty members, and administrative teams through innovative tools. Here, our experienced team will help you with cutting-edge solutions that will build the best student experience in the current market place.

Moreover, with our Education IT Solutions and Services, we will assist you in navigating in this ever-changing landscape. We will ensure that the infrastructure that you are operating in is best for your business. Further, with our solution, we will assist you in enhancing student engagement and improve interaction using current Technology.

How can we help?

Custom-built IT Solutions

With custom software and digital solution, we help our clients to meet their needs. Here, our expertise develops custom software or digital solution to help your business in earning benefits. By creating custom software, we will aid you in managing, monitoring, and measuring business growth. Moreover, we ensure that our solution and services save your time. By using our enterprise-level integration, we assure better product and improvement in the reading experience. Our IT solution will help you in getting potential infrastructure and networks, which results in increased innovation and growth.

Cloud-based Enterprise Level Applications

From developing strategies to implementation and management of robust cloud environments, we do all. Our experts ensure that you get the most out of the cloud. With the cloud services, we will assist you in effectively upgrading communication and learning systems. Furthermore, our service will facilitate you in overcoming the challenges of gaining and managing insights of massive quality of data. Our service will aid you in creating cloud-based Enterprise Level Applications with features like video streaming and remote learning. Thus, this will enhance your brand’s presence and services.

Automate Business Processes

Presently, Technology is playing a crucial role in the modern education system. Through automation, we help the stakeholders to minimize the manual effort and create more efficiency. Also, it will quicken the pace of time-consuming tasks. By offering ERP solutions with a cloud-based application, we will assist you in meeting your business requirements. With our Education IT Solutions and Services, you can make your workflow accessible and faster. 

Our Case Studies

Future Classroom

Client: Multinational IT Company
Domain: Education
Technologies: Play Framework (Java)

Business Challenges
With Future Classroom, the client is providing wonderful platforms for students and teachers to access various educational solutions. However, the user should login to every application to access the courses. Therefore, the client requires a single platform that minimizes the work to login to each application.

Helenzys  Solution
We developed an E-learning platform that helps the user to manage multiple educational related applications under one platform.

The user should register to get access for various courses offered by the client. The platform has blog features where students can post the articles or check other blogs as well.


  • Register student with biometric
  • Facility to access educational application
  • Publish/Share information about new program
  • FAQ / Knowledge management
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Dashboards for teacher and management
  • Helpdesk system
  • Blogs & Comments
  • Various classrooms and courses
  • FeedBack & Contacts

Minimized work to manage multiple accounts and enhanced user accessibility ensuring business continuity


IoT Bootcamp

Client: Helenzys Technologies (Internal)
Domain: Educational
Technologies: WordPress


Business Challenges
Helenzys wants to develop an educational website to showcase the 2-days Hands-on IoT Bootcamp organizing by Helenzys Technologies every fortnight. 

Helenzys  Solution
We developed an informative website to display all the training information while allowing users to register to the training.

The website contains information of the classroom and online training including the hardware and software we use and the topics to be covered during the training. Users can register to the bootcamp by providing minimum details and can understand the details of the IoT starter kit, customized by Helenzys, which will be provided during training. The website also contains the testimonials provided by the attendees; the news and blog pages to help promote the training.


  • Users can send queries/register to training
  • Detailed information of services
  • Showcase training highlights
  • Blog page to provide additional information
  • Training attendee testimonials
  • Responsive website

An educational website to depict all the training details


Doon School

Client: Charitable Organization
Domain: Education
Technologies: WordPress

Business Challenges
The client runs a school where managing the day to day operations becomes hectic and consuming more time. Hence, the client wants complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that would help in automating the school management processes.

Helenzys  Solution
We have developed complete ERP software for tracking and managing the entire school administration process.

The ERP solution helps school authorities to computerize multiple operations at one place. We designed the software including various modules that help efficiently manage various tasks. We have also included particular modules like digital library, fee collection, and news & events, which makes this software useful for students to browse through and read resources.


  • Attendance Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Admission Management
  • Report management
  • Exam management
  • Student management System
  • Transportation Management
  • Finance Management
  • Human resource Management
  • Gallery
  • News & Event
  • Student blogs

Reduces the amount of efforts required from all resources and eliminates the risk of data loss.



Client: Bangalore-Based Entrepreneur
Domain: Social Networking
Technologies: Dot Net
                         Angular JS
                        AWS S3 Storage

Business Challenges
The client needs a fully responsive website to schedule meetings between users of specific interests.

Helenzys  Solution
We developed a dynamic website that enables users to schedule a meeting with the experts from different categories such as movies, education, sports, etc., and provide feedback on the same. The users can meet on a Skype call or in person.

Users have to register to the platform to get access. The website is designed with a wide range of search filters and category-based hierarchy that helps a user to find specific other user and send meeting request efficiently. A requester can book up to 5 slots for 1 meeting whereas the other user can select any 1 out of 5 slots based on his/her convenience. The users can add their expertise to their profile and can earn money through the website by meeting people.


  • Schedule meetings on convenience
  • Payment integration to benefit experts
  • My wallet integration for easy payments
  • Hierarchical category filter
  • Meetale dairy to share any views to specific users or public
  • Social media integration
  • Users can accept or reject the request received
  • Badge ID for every registered user
  • Option to create favorite list
  • Web admin console on role-based authentication

A dynamic platform to connect people and gain knowledge