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Overview of IT Solutions for Retail Industry

In the modern retail and e-commerce industry, it is essential to track business, study consumer behavior, and know your target market. This roadmap will help you in gaining a better outcome. In Helenzys, we make use of the latest technology for improving e-Business & retail to live up to customers’ expectations. Our IT solutions for retail industry will support you with customized applications for staying competitive and ahead.

Well, we have professionals who deliver flexible web solutions to e-commerce businesses to enhance consumer interactions. Thus, in this way, we help you in improving user experience and accelerate the sale. Our experienced software experts assure customer engagement and maximize your business potential.

How can we help?

One-stop-solution for e-Commerce

With the rapid evolvement of the technologies, there appears a change in customer expectations. Our experts will assist you in reducing the risk and costs through improvement in application development and maintenance. Moreover, we do everything, from designing the menu to taking care of all the business planning and tactical needs. We make use of digital technology to increase your business sales rate. Well, we offer proven tools to our clients for integrating digital touch to commercial strategy. Along with this, we assist them in coordination and streamlining the supply chain.

Inventory Management Services

Well, to make your business sustainable, scalable, and profitable, we will create Inventory Management Services. It will also improve your product discovery and conversion. Our technical expert will assist you in building online stores on the mobile and web for direct consumer interaction. Thus, this increases the effectiveness and rapid growth of the business.

Smart Insight on Business Performance

Helenzy’s became popular in the e-commerce and retail industry for providing best IT solutions for retail industry. Here, the analytics expert, through Predictive analytics, will help you in planning strategies to make your business stand out. Our team will deliver you with the smart business insights that will facilitate you in reaching your target consumer. Moreover, this will support you in boosting your presence in the market. 

Our Case Studies


Client: US Based Entrepreneur
Domain: Job Portal
Technologies: Ruby on Rails

Business Challenges
The client wants a web application, which allows the admin to list all the open jobs and the user to search and submit their resume for the desired job. The client also wants users to refer jobs to friends through mail.

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys developed a web application in Ruby on Rails with the desired functionalities that are requested by the client.

We designed a single page website displaying all the open jobs. Users are provided with search filters to narrow down the job listing. Users can search for the job based on the location and selected programming language. The job list will be displayed with short description of the job, salary and referral fee. Users can apply for the job by uploading their resume and can also refer to their friends.


  • Advanced search filters
  • Location based search
  • Programming Language based search
  • Job listing with short description and salary
  • Resume submitting facility
  • Can refer a friend for a job
  • Subscription for new jobs

Searching and applying for jobs become easy with this web application