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Work in Times of Corona

Back to Blog Home Business 8 Tips to make your Work from Home effective during the Corona crisis? 29 june ,  by  Helenzys Team In the last few months, COVID-19 has brought a dynamic change in society and work life. This has forced all the firms to allocate work from home to their employees for maintaining social distancing. The curren

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Heineken and Diageo

Back to Blog Home Business Heineken and Diageo embraces BeerBoard’s patented applications to support growth 7 March 2019,  by  Helenzys Team BeerBoard Inc, headquartered at Syracuse, NY with offices at Denver and NYC, has been providing exemplary software solutions to brewers and bars, through its patented Beer Management and Guest Display System applications. The BeerBoard’s SmartBar platform helps them monitor ove

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Back to Blog Home Business Biomagnetism and Beyond Training Seminar 3 April 2019,  by  Helenzys Team Anyone who wants to enjoy optimum health and apply this therapy to his/her family as well as to help others heal themselves is the perfect candidate to learn Biomagnetism. As in any other profession, becoming a master takes time, practice, patience, study a