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Case Study

Biomag – Digital Marketing


US-based Healthcare Practitioner


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Business Challenges

The client is a reputed Biomagnetism practitioner who approached Helenzys to develop a mobile app in Unity 3D that assist Biomagnetism practitioners in the therapy of clients. Now, the client wants to enhance their visibility and reach relevant audience and increase their no of app downloads through their website.


Our Solution

We proposed Digital Marketing services including SEO, SEM and SMO to reach more number of users and to build brand awareness seemingly.


Salient Features

  • 3x increase in qualified traffic to Website
  • Reached Google 1 st page for several Keywords
  • 15-20% more leads every month
  • 30% increase in organic search traffic
  • 10% increase in site traffic through Social Media
  • 100% attendees for every training program

Product / Service Description

Our digital marketing services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We implemented SEO with a set of strategic principles based on core keywords that helps to move up the organic search results. To build brand awareness and to connect with targeted audience, we are using social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We are sending Email Marketing campaigns to get attendees for Training Programs.



Drives traffic to the website and increase the no.of app downloads.

Case Studies
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