Beyond Biomag


Beyond Biomag


Biomagnetic Therapy is an alternate form of natural therapy that uses a pair of medium intensity magnets to establish the body cells pH levels well within these acceptable limits. To empower the natural healing therapy, we introduced Beyond Biomag 3D and Beyond Biomag Practitioner apps to assist biomagnetism practitioners in the therapy of clients as well as capturing all medical information regarding the therapy of a client.

Our solution applications have been designed in consultation with a leading Biomagnetism therapy practitioner to detect and identify anatomical scan points that result in better patient wellness post these therapeutic sessions. The application moves multiple steps further in periodically capturing critical data of the patient and the system during these therapeutic sessions that assimilate a better data spread of the said patient’s health resulting in a more meaningful analytics, predictive and prescriptive as well.

The best way to detect and identify anatomical scan points

Interactive 3D Models

360-degree representation of Male and Female 3D models to help locate Scan Points and Corresponding Pairs.

Multiple Languages

The application interface currently supports switch between English and Spanish Language. Other language support to follow.

Easy Navigation

Navigate to a specific location either by rotating the 3D model or selecting a particular body section.


Search information by anatomical biomagnetism pairs, microbiome, interpretation and locations.

Gender Switch

Easy toggling between the Male and Female models. The app functionalities are similar in both the models.

Play Scan Points

Plays all the scan points on the Anatomical model by highlighting them one-by-one.

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