Beyond Biomag 3D App

Case Study

Beyond Biomag 3D App


US-based Healthcare Practitioner


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Business Challenges

The client is a famous healthcare practitioner who involved in treating various diseases through bio-magnetic therapy. The client wants to have a 3D mobile application for clients to locate scan points and their corresponding pairs and heal their health concerns individually.

Our Solution

We have developed mobile application that enables users’ self care with the help of a Dictionary Guide while screening through a 3D body model. The app provides a complete scan guide briefing about the scan points, corresponding pairs, locations and their respective health concerns.

Salient Features

  • Male and female 3D model representation
  • Easy navigation to specific body function
  • Scan point guide for users
  • Dictionary of anatomical biomagnetism pairs
  • Zoom and view scan points in the selected body section.
  • Search by standard health terms
  • Easy toggling between the Male and Female models.
  • Supports switch between English and Spanish Language

Product / Service Description

Biomagnetism involves applying a pair of magnets of medium intensity on specific areas of the body to stabilize and balance the microbiome. The Beyond BioMag 3D app comes with built-in 3D models of the anatomical male and female bodies. Users can easily interact with the models to locate scan points and their respective corresponding pairs, so as to place magnets and heal the identified health concerns.


Helps users in self-healing.

Case Studies
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