Automotive IT Solutions

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Overview of Automotive IT Solutions

Due to changes in technology, the automotive industry is facing most of the challenges. Digitalization and connectivity have become the primary trend of the automobile industry across the world. Here, in Helenzys, our technical expertise makes a strategic move by offering innovative automotive IT solutions. Moreover, we help our clients to enhance financial performance by improving in all the aspects of their value chain. As a well-known automotive IT solution provider, we support our automotive clients that involve manufacturers and suppliers to achieve targets.

Well, our expertise has a deep understanding of the automotive domain and will assist in increasing efficiency, profitability, and building customer relationships.  Besides, we facilitate our clients by preparing them for uncertainty and reshaping the value chain.

How can we help?

Enhance Digital Experience

Presently, the key trend of the automobile industry is automation. Moreover, we have an experienced team to help you in meeting customer demand by digitizing business and including cloud computing. Additionally, our on-the-ground experts who have an understanding of this market will provide you with unique insights. By incorporating loT into your business model, we will aid you in gaining customer satisfaction and profit. With our digital strategy, you will get the chance to shape your approaches to new opportunities and challenges. Further, we help our client in building new competitive advantage and establishing the infrastructure and capabilities required for success.

End-to-End IT Support

The whole automobile industry is now witnessing the evolving relationship between the IT service provider and automakers. Currently, data has become one of the essential assets of the production and manufacturing cycle. Our domain expert makes sure that your automotive company is agile and responding to the market dynamics. Well, our team assures that there is a reduction in complexity and improvement of the functionality. Our hand-in-hand service assists in improving collaboration between the business units, suppliers, and dealers.

Digitization in Retailing

Availing automotive IT solutions from Helenzys will support you in reshaping the traditional automotive business model. By incorporating efficient tools like loT and big data analytics, we will enhance security across your business layers. We have earned our position in this market for serving clients with game-changing business innovation. Furthermore, we will enable you to build better products, streamlining your supply chain, and creating long-lasting customer relationships.   

Our Case Studies

Chance World International

Client: International Automobile Trading                     Company
Domain: Automobile
Technologies: AngularJS
                          Ionic Framework

Business Challenges
Client is one of the leading automobile trading companies in Bahrain, specializes in the purchase and sale of vehicles in all models. The client wants to have a website to display product features to users and generate sales.

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys developed a user-friendly website which allows users to view detailed information of the available models.

Users can view the complete list of stock available or the models available in a specific brand. When selecting a featured brand, the list of models pertaining to that brand, available at that point of time, will be displayed. By choosing the desired model, users can view the detailed specifications of the product and contact the client based on the contact info provided on the website.


  • Amazing mobile experience built with ionic framework
  • Detailed product specifications
  • Thumbnail gallery with multiple product images
  • Complete list of stocks available
  • Product filter based on featured brand
  • Responsive website

An informative website to generate sales


3D Wheel Alignment

Client: A Technology Company
Domain: IT
Technologies: WPF
                          Microsoft Report Viewer

About Client

A technology company, involved in measurement & automation and machine vision solutions

Business Challenges
The client approached Helenzys for the development, testing and enhancement of a 3D wheel alignment application. The client also wants that the application needs to communicate with 3D aligner hardware and aid operator to do the measurement and alignment of car wheels along with reports.

Helenzys  Solution
We supported the client in development, testing and enhancement of application and completed the task in a short span with the control of architecture and codebase of the 3D wheel aligner application.

We have developed a new plan for testing and optimizing the application to calibrate the cameras, capture and process the images, and to enhance the performance of the application. For in-house testing, we have integrated an audio board as a supplementary to the 3D aligner. The user can calculate steering angles with the help of 3D vision metrology.


  • 3D vision metrology to calculate steering angles
  • Uninterrupted live readings
  • Highly accurate IR target board reflected images
  • Highly accurate steering angle measurements
  • Maintain BEFORE and AFTER adjustment readings along with customer details. (Stack of such details maintains the history of the customer /vehicle)
  • Print reports (Measurement, Consolidate)
  • Comprehensive vehicle specifications database with frequent updates to ensure the right information is available

Accurate and real-time measurements with a quick display of measured results