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Tier1App Application Development


Tier1app - US Based Entrepreneur


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Business Challenges

The client developed Performance Engineering and Root Cause Analysis tools and approached Helenzys for Software Development and Support Services
for the tools as well as the websites developed to endorse the tools.

Our Solution

We have been supporting the client with various software development and support services to improve their tools performance as well as the end-user

Salient Features

  • User authentication via Social Media channels
  • Strip Payment Gateway integration
  • Supporting zip, gz, xz, z, Izma, deflate, sz, tar, zstd, bz2 format compressions
  • Feature to send API response in JSON or XML formats
  • Created REST API
  • Implemented search filter functionality to find Thread Stacks easily
  • Designed and implemented user dashboard to view the analytics history
  • Implemented Google Captcha to block spammer or bot registrations


Continuous support to improve tool performance as well as user

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