Algorithmic Line Cleaning

Case Study

BeerBoard – Algorithmic Line Cleaning


US-based Beer Management System


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Business Challenges

The flow meter attached to each beer tap is measuring the beer line cleaning liquid also as the beer poured, which is leading to inaccurate insights of beer poured and sold.

Our Solution

Helenzys proposed to build a reward and penalty based Machine Learning algorithm which will identify line cleaning liquid and automatically mark the same in the Database.

Salient Features

  • Algorithm integration to control panel
  • 85% prediction accuracy and can be further improved by training the algorithm
  •  Data collection
  • data wrangling base version of Spike detection algorithm.
  • Identify relevant features from the data set of Smart Bar and enhance the algorithm for higher accuracy

Product / Service Description

Initially, the line cleaning data was manually deleted by the L1 support team, which is an expensive and non-scalable solution. To overcome this, we have implemented automatic detection of Line Cleaning using the data available in Smart Bar with 85% prediction accuracy. As with any program implementing machine learning algorithm, the results will come with a confidence level. Build with Python for robust machine learning algorithm & deployed on AWS for scalability.


Highly accurate beer monitoring insights

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