IT Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

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Overview of IT Solutions for the Agricultural Industry:

Presently, technology has become an indispensable part of Agriculture. The technologies like loT, AI, Data analytics has brought an enormous change in the Agriculture industry. Moreover, these current technologies are reinventing the agro practices that are helping the farmers to enhance productivity. Also, these technologies aid the agro-business in increasing flexibility and reliability.

Well, this smartest emerging technology facilitates the farmers and food suppliers to keep control over the land, equipment, and crops. In Helenzys, we offer IT Solutions for the Agricultural Industry to enable the farmers to manage costs and improve efficiency. Our technical team facilitates bridging the gap between the farmers, food processors, and supply chain managers for increasing profit. 

How can we help?

Unify Operations with Mobile Tech

As a renowned Agribusiness IT solution provider, we serve our clients with an authentic solution for farm operations. Well, we offer clients with integrated mobile technologies that help them with seamless functioning at the initial stage of production. This technology will assist you in automating the workflow through monitoring lives stock, seeds, and type of fertilizers. Our team offers end-to-end solutions that increase efficiency and reduces the effort for farm management. Besides, we help our clients to deal with the challenges on their way to success.

Better Decisions with Big Data

By combining AI, IoT, and predictive analysis, our expertise facilitates the stakeholders in the agriculture industry to make better decisions. Moreover, our professional team provides the farmers and food suppliers with the data that helps them in getting maximum yield. With our data patterns and market research, you will be able to make a wise investment in upcoming yields or distribution.  Through our analysis, you will be able to identify the trend and make better business decisions.

Optimize Production Cost

Here, our experienced team develops software for the clients to assist them in planning for cropping seasons. Also, we make the fieldwork and sales simple for automatically optimizing the production costs on a large scale. Our IT Solutions for the Agricultural Industry helps the farm operators and land-holding management companies to drive operational improvements.

Our Case Studies


Client: US Based Agriculture Company 
Domain: Agriculture
Technologies: Sencha 
                           Objective C

About the Client
An American-based agricultural company that deliver high-quality fresh food products, fruits, and vegetables

Business Challenges
The client is in the food industry and the quality of the food delivered is of at most importance. Therefore, the client has initiated Quality Assurance process that involves manual data collection, which not only consumes time but is hard to manage in a proper way. The client wants to develop an app where they can manually enter the data and that data can pre-populated to their website.

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys developed an app for the field officers, which they can use while they are in the field. The product is developed for Android and iOS platforms.

Our proposed app can be carried by the field officer while collecting the data. We have also developed a web interface to access the collected data and do further processing and analysis. Using this App, the QA department can fetch data easily and in a very short time, they can check whether the data is accurate or not. The client can also verify whether the provided information is valid or not. Admin can locate the field manager’s presence if needed.


  • Reduces the manual process
  • Minimized human errors
  • Data capture can be done offline
  • Image capturing and voice recording options
  • Helps during auditing or reporting
  • Google map integration

Saves lot of time while giving accurate results


Application Support for Largest Fresh Produce Company

Client: US Based Agriculture Company 
Domain: Agriculture
Technologies: VB/C#, DOTNET
                            ASP.NET 3.5
                           WCF & ASMX
                           VBA Macro

An American-based agricultural company that deliver high-quality fresh food products, fruits, and vegetables

Business Challenges

  • Needs continuous support
  • To manage business ups and downs
  • Prompt fixing of the issues
  • To improve application performance
  • To minimize downtime

Helenzys  Solution
Helenzys is providing continuous application support to about 23 client’s applications using Redmine tool. We understood the business requirements of the client and studied the as-is process of CAB Reports/Meetings. We coordinate with the IT staff & architects from the client’s side and help them from the rise of an issue until it is closed. We update the client about the status of the issue at every stage.

When we receive an issue from the client, we acknowledge and create a ticket in the Redmine. We analyze the issue and provide a permanent or temporary fix and request the client for User Acceptance Testing. After the client confirms the UAT with test results, we initiate CMS and seek client approval to sign off. When the client signs off and approve for release, we release the issue to production and close the ticket.


  • Quick fix of the issue
    Notify the client at every stage
  • Accommodate the client with primary & secondary support staff contact details
  • Support roaster is provided with different time zones EST, PST & IST
  • Client can Call, SMS & Email directly from the roaster
  • Updates the client with current & past weeks CAB details