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Advertisement & Media is an integral part of any business around the world.  The advertisement services provided by Helenzys uses software,  hardware, and network technologies. Hardware calculates, creates, and edits large files and applications while software ensures that the data runs smoothly. And, the networks keep the files safe and secure.

Helenzys ensures that all the technologies implemented are running seamlessly and hassle-free. Our experts pay significant heed to the website’s user engagement and formulate strategies to increase user activity.

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No Worries For Stiff Guidelines

The diversification and capacity of data required for your business are of high priority. The businesses have to give prime importance to some prerequisites like storage and archiving, rules and permission setting, management version, etc.

Determine Conventional Solutions

The most distinctive attribute of an organization is its IT profile. At Helenzys, we leverage the latest advertisements and media technologies, tailored applications, and technologies to push your brand name and product forward. Our client-centric solutions include specially designed applications, desktops, and servers that would benefit our clients in the longer run.

Budget Is Equally Important

A business must imbibe a realistic budget to reap profits. Practicality in budgets is directly proportional to the profits reaped. Irrespective of any IT company or managed service provider, the decision-makers must have a proper vision of its goals.

Give Your Business Stability

Business is the fuel to any organization, and it should sustain. A properly functioning and secure network system is essential for any business to stay ahead of its competition. We, at Helenzys, ensure that your Advertisement and Media Business is productive in all circumstances.

Our Case Studies


Client: US Based Enterprise
Domain: Advertisement
Technologies: DotNet
                          Angular JS

About the Client
US based enterprise

Business Challenges
The client wants to develop an online platform to connect publishers, who have un-utilized space, with advertisers willing to use that space to run creative advertising campaigns to reach the mass market.

Helenzys  Solution
We have developed a robust web platform that acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers, where both the parties can get benefited.

The website will help the advertiser in finding the desired space to run his campaign and also helps the publisher to get the payment from the advertiser for giving out space. Through this website, advertisers can view millions of potential spaces available and choose the desired space according to their requirement. The publisher will get notification and email alert when a new advertiser proposed for space.


  • Secured platform
  • Multiple listings can be posted
  • Listings appear on Google map
  • Search and filter functionality
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Payment integration for fund transfer
  • Integrated social media links

Speeds up the rate at which advertisers reach new audiences while benefiting publishers


Food Safety

Client: Airline Service Provider
Domain: Travel 
Technologies: iOS SDK
                           Dot Net

The largest airline service provider

Business Challenges
The Food and Hygiene Department of the client should make sure about the food safety while they handle, store, display, and sell. They actually use manual record-keeping and spreadsheets to manage this function. Therefore, the client believes that they require computerized functioning for Food and Hygiene Department to ensure the
food safety.

Helenzys  Solution
We developed a form-based app, which can capture information that is required to maintain food safety, hazard control, monitor corrective actions, and record-keeping.


We delivered a web and handheld tablet-based application with an intuitive user interface that would be easier to use. It is hosted on a web server and can be accessed over the client’s corporate intranet.

The mobile version will work on all major mobile operating systems and brands. Hence, the user can choose from the wide range of OS and brands


  • The app helps to record and manage food processing system in a way that it is HACCP Compliance
  • Electronic data capture of critical control points
    like time & temperature during verification and monitoring of the following process steps in the supply chain
  • Personal hygiene infection
  • Vegetable sanitation (Free chlorine check)
  • Butchering thawing
  • Meal dishing
  • Cooking (hot & cold)
  • Blast chilling
  • Tray setting

Minimized manual record-keeping and enhanced computerized functioning-ensuring HACCP compliance


Beard Booth

Client: Entertainment Organization
Domain: Entertainment
Technologies: iOS SDK and Bootstrap

About Client
Entertainment Organization

Business Challenges
The client wanted to build an application that helps promote his reality television series, displayed in a leading American TV channel. The client also requires an organization that supports their work on a long term basis.

Helenzys  Solution
We understood the business needs and developed a fun utility app that allows the users of the app to dress up with their favorite Duckmen beard.

With this app, a user can put a beard on his picture to have lots of fun. The app allows a user to select a photo from his gallery or take a new picture and can start personalizing by choosing among the number of beards.


  • Can dress up with the beard of favorite serial character
  • Choose a picture from gallery or take a new photo
  • One or multiple beards can be added
  • Rotate and resize beards for the perfect fit
  • Add fun quotes or captions to the picture
  • Sharing photos through Facebook, Email, Twitter or other social media

Exposes client to large number of people with this fun filled activity