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8 Tips to make your Work from Home effective during the Corona crisis?

29 june ,  by  Helenzys Team

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In the last few months, COVID-19 has brought a dynamic change in society and work life. This has forced all the firms to allocate work from home to their employees for maintaining social distancing. The current market statistics show that soon the world economy is going to face a huge crisis. Almost in most of the country, unemployment is continuously increasing. Only a few companies are performing well and have the strength to stand in this crisis.

Tips to make your work from home Effective

During this crisis phase, you have to make your work from home effective for the company to sustain. Some key steps to follow while doing work from home:

  • Setting up the workplace
  • Your foremost task is to find a workspace for yourself that is appropriate for your working from home. However, it is vital to have a proper desk, chair, and no disturbance. You should ensure that there is pin-drop silence while you are on a video call.

  • Gather your requirements
  • Before you start working, you must gather all the necessary things that you need during your work hours. These necessities include dairy, pen, and your system. If you are using a laptop, you can use an external mouse for better work efficiency. Besides, you have to make sure that the work is done with ease.

  • Make a complete work plan
  • Without starting your work all of a sudden, you should first make a work plan. Make a list of the tasks and then find out the priority tasks to finish them first. As soon as you start with your work you should ignore what is happening in the surroundings to concentrate.

  • Bridge communication gap
  • When you are doing work from home, you should keep your manager and team aware of your work. Through communication, you must bridge the gap that may occur due to this work from home. Thus, this will help you stay in a healthy work environment and finish your work with ease.

Future prediction of the work process

There has been a drastic change in the work culture since the outbreak of coronavirus disease. In Helenzys, our team works hand in hand to streamline all the business processes and bring stability. Moreover, with our effort, we are helping the organization in sustaining in this environment. We think that the future work process may change in the following manner:

  • Continuation of Remote working
  • It is assumed that temporary work from home might turn into a permanent one. It is estimated that 74% of the workplace will be adopting remote working in the coming future. Many companies are trying to ignore the traditional working process after the pandemic crisis. As the work from home is enhancing the work efficiencies.

  • Technology playing a crucial role
  • Well, the organization mostly depends on cutting-edge technology for enabling the work to happen seamlessly. Moreover, the virtual workstation helps the team in collaborating, communicating, and operating more effectively. Most of the companies are finding that this is providing them with huge benefits, and there has been a significant rise in productivity. Also, this is bringing transparency among the employees. Now, you will find that the digital workspace is replicating each element of working together. Thus, most companies are now planning to stick to this new method of the work process.

  • Improved Policies
  • On the other hand, you will find many employees prefer to work in the office. This might be due to some distractions in their places. Thus, the companies have to take deep thought to provide effective remote work solutions. After the end of this virus, the companies will make an in-depth study of the work process they followed. Thus, this will help them in making their strategies for remote work for the future.


Well, in this crisis period, it is the technology that is helping the companies to sustain. Helenzys is one such company where employees are connected digitally and putting their 100% in increasing productivity. If you are looking out for IT services? Then, you can avail of our services. In this work from the home phase, you will find no downfall in the work quality. Our main aim is to help the clients in running the business successfully.